Monday, November 11, 2013

Simon Cowell, Judge Alex and George Clooney - Consummate Gentlemen

Gorgeous George. 

What can I say. You are, undoubtedly, beautiful, even though I confess to having had a much bigger passion for Dr Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards) when you were in ER together.

I also confess to having a much bigger passion for (at any rate, this week) @judgealexferrer (Judge Alex) @gabrielmacht (Suits) @maxbeesley (Suits) @simoncowell (Son of God) . . . but I don’t in any way want to diminish my utter joy in meeting you on Saturday.

Charming, sweet, diffident – you are every bit the consummate superstar, without, in any way, being smarmy or false. I was/am smitten (and not in a I HAVE TO MARRY HARVEY SPECTER) kind of way.

Julia Roberts and suntanned Milky Way Harvey Wotsisname were not so forthcoming. When I asked George for a photo, he very politely declined but said he would oblige later, which he did. When I asked Julia and Milky Wotsit, they said they were looking for someone (ie someone else – not me). In the time it took them to turn me down, we could have done a photo shoot. On safari. For a month. I finally got Julia (reluctantly) later on and had to take the picture myself. 

In the words of her character in Pretty Woman: BIG MISTAKE.
It’s set off a bit of a debate among my showbiz friends here. Personally, I have no qualms going up to anyone and asking for an autograph or photo. The stars are there to publicise their wares and be photographed; they pose for photos; they set up “situations” with other stars that they know will make it into the papers. So don’t pick and choose who you want to be photographed with when you attend an event where photographs are all. DUH!

I have one journalist friend who expressed disbelief that I would go up to George; people on my table nearly expired with the same disbelief. 

WTF. He’s just a man.
Now, take Isla Fisher. Brilliant actor, beautiful woman and wife of genius Sacha Baron Cohen. I have met her on numerous occasions. I adore her. Admire her. And, before I took our picture, she asked where it was going to be used. I told her it was just for me – no Twitter, no Facebook, just for my album. And I will 100% honour that commitment. She was right to ask, but it wasn’t a deal breaker. Love her even more now.
Simon Cowell is the ultimate joy in this respect. He’s in the business and he knows the utter pleasure he gives to people in having their picture taken with him. He knows what it’s all about and who pays his salary – the public asking for a photo. More to the point, he loves it. The showbiz. The adulation. 

That child in the womb has a great father awaiting it in the light. To be honest, I wish I was there.
I see so many stars who get it like Simon – Judge Alex Ferrer, Idris Elba, Tom Jones, Rob Brydon (names may be lost on friends either side of the Atlantic, but trust me!) . . . Stars who may not like being photographed by fans (and I have no idea whether they do or not) but know that this is the gig they signed up to.

If you don’t like the heat, get out of the limelight.
And I’m going to say it again, Julia. BIG MISTAKE.

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